Creative Writing Exercise: “Autumn Years”

Hi! After an extended hiatus, I am trying my hand once again at creative writing and welcome any feedback you may have on the following (unfinished) original piece. 🙂 If you have any suggestions on form (novel, short story, etc.) or the tentative title, please let me know in the comments.


On a brisk autumn morning, the warm sun shone fractals through the crimson, rose, and gold colored leaves in the trees. A Ford V-8 hummed down the newly paved road that cut through a forest. Glints of leaves, every one sparkling with splendor, distracted the driver from his grim reflections.

Anton, a man in his mid-forties, was beginning to bald. These days, a receding hairline and enlarged gut were his marks of shame. This was his sad, dismal life, he thought as he cruised down this path. And it wasn’t ever going to get better. After all, he was past his prime. Time had crept up and robbed him of his greatest dreams, goals, and ideals. Now, his greatest delight was simply to get through each day with minimal agitation.

All of his early twenties and thirties, he had a natural bent toward negativity. He doesn’t remember enjoying any of those years. Decades of slaving away at a job that never suited him now seemed like a waste of precious time. Finally, the future that he had worked so hard for had arrived. And all he wanted was to be young again. A second chance at life was his new desire.

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